The Website is a “Work in Progress”

WordPress is in the house:

As many of you are aware, we are re-vamping the website. We had a few challenges with the old one and the board decided that we needed to bring it into the 21st century for functionality, flexibility, ease of support, and security. Having a single person be the keeper of our web presence was a bad idea and as President of the club, I take full responsibility for that.

Bill did a valiant effort maintaining things in the past but expecting one person to bear that burden isn’t fair to the club nor to the person. Having only one person with keys to the city to update content is just too much. Read on to learn more about what we are doing to fix things.

What should you expect?

I’m planning several features in the future but short term, we just want to get things back to better than normal. As everyone is aware, this is a volunteer organization and everyone is busy. As we get things structured the way we want, we will slowly be able to add content. The following is the functionality that you will see restored in the coming weeks.

  1. Get the basic format and structure of the site complete.
  2. Establish our web presence from a perspective of a new member.
    • Applications
    • Field Location
    • General Information to attract newbies!
  3. Get the governing documents published (Bylaws, Safety, etc)
  4. Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  5. Get the Calendar published and automated (Smartphone enabled)
  6. Start Blogging Weekly
    • Newsletters and Meeting minutes in WordPress!
    • From the Field (Event coverage, pictures, crashes)
    • From the Workshop (Projects and Techniques)
    • Picture of the week (From the field, web, friends)
  7. Build out the New Images Gallery
  8. Get the historical items back on line (Images, Newsletters, etc)
  9. Begin adding additional content and WordPress managers.

Future Functionality / Awesomeness!

This website is going to make our lives easier and adding additional capability is going to make that happen.

  1. Members Only Portal
    • Documents Archive (Shared Documents)
    • Financial Status (Treasury reports)
    • Applications and Dues Payment online if you wish.
    • Content only for the members
  2. Additional content options:
    • Videos
  3. For Sale Section:
    • Post your items for sale or trade.

Share your thoughts!

This website is going to be an asset for the entire club. If you have some ideas for content or functionality, don’t hesitate to voice them! Shoot me an email.

Until the next sortie!

Ralph Grant (El Presidente)


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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