Electric Fan Jet Time Trials! July 13th, 2019

An event for the jet jockeys…

We have decided to try something new for the guys in the club that love to fly jets!

How it works:

Its takes a little time to get multiple birds in the air, form up, and start a pylon race. When you only have about 3 minute of battery on a ducted fan jet before you are prepping to land its not enough time to get 3-5 planes in the air, start the race, fly the pylons, and get everyone on the ground safely. So we have devised a plan to do time trials.

  1. From a dead stop, the jet begins its takeoff roll and we start the timer the instant you cross the mid field line.
  2. You fly three laps around two pylons 600′ apart.
  3. Every time you “Cut” or fly short of the pylon we add 1min to your time.
  4. After your third lap, we stop the time the instant you cross the mid field line.
  5. A successful landing on the runway without rolling into the grass (either on the side or off the end) results in 30 seconds subtracted from your time.
  6. We record your time and the fastest dude wins!

4 thoughts on “Electric Fan Jet Time Trials! July 13th, 2019

  1. Will the field be closed to flying from during the time stated on the flier (July 13, 9 am – 1 PM? I know that at one time club members could fly during down time when races were held.

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