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Attention all Electric Warbird Owners!

So Basically Everyone!!!

On September 28th it would be awesome if we could get at least a dozen electric warbird racers! I would be willing to bet that just about every single member of the club has an electric warbird! If you can takeoff, fly in a 660’ oval, and land your plane, you have all the skillz necessary to have a great time flying in the warbird races.

NOTICE: I will be grilling burgers for everyone who either races a Warbird / 4-Star or volunteers to be one of (2) cut judges or one of (4) lap counters. If we can get more than 12 people to RSVP via email or comment below, I will upgrade the grill from burgers to steaks! I’m thinking some sweet bacon wrapped filets! C’mon Nancy, fly that hanger queen on the 28th!!!!

El Presidente – Ralph G.

If you will be either attending or volunteering, email me at ralph@thegrantz.com or leave a comment below!

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