Dago Red Update (Power System):

I was running around a lot this week and other obligations have kept me from going out to Reno to watch the Air Races so I spent the morning soldering up the power system for Dago Red. The goal here is POWER and its going to take a lot of it to get the 58” VQ Warbirds P-51 mustang into the triple digits. The power system (featured in the image above) is comprised of the following components:

  1. Electrifly Rimfire 80 500KV Outrunner Motor.
  2. Castle Talon 90 ESC with 20A BEC
  3. APC 14×14 propeller
  4. Motion RC Admiral Pro 6000mah 60C 6S battery
  5. Futaba SBS-01C Current Telemetry Sensor
  6. 3-1/4” P-51 Profile Tru-Turn Spinner
  7. Great Planes XL Electric Motor Mount

The above setup should get Dago Red to 115mph. Next Task, reinforce everything with Carbon Fiber Cloth and Epoxy Resin and move the elevator servos back into the tail so the center of gravity will be right. I may also increase the height of the rudder to help handle the massive torque of the 14” propeller as well.

See you at the Field!

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