AMA Leader Club

At The Meeing This Month:

At this months meeting, Paul Geders presented the club our recognition plaque for being an AMA Leader Club. The Spirits of St. Louis R/C club has had the distinction of being a chartered AMA flying club since 1965 and has been a Leader Club for as long as the AMA has has had that recognition. We have also been a Gold Leader Club for that time period as well.

When your out at the field, swing by the bulletin board in the pavilion to check out the plaque and grab yourself one of the 10 year patches too!

Ralph Grant, Spirits President

If interested, the following is the criteria for being a Leader Club.


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  1. This plaque is incorrect. We became a Leader Club in 2005 and a Gold Leader Club in 2006. We are starting our 15th year as a Leader Club.

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