The Best Servo-Tester Money Can Buy. Finally!

Lets face it. All servo testers are little electronic pieces of junk. Until now! At least that is my experience. I’ve probably purchased at least 3 or 4 of them and they ALL die eventually. Jump over to Amazon and they range from $7.00 to $15.00 and they are all c$ap. The features the little cheapos offer are typically 3 modes:

  • Manual adjust (Press the button and turn a knob and they move proportionally)
  • Center (Press a button and they snap to the middle)
  • Auto (Press the button and they cycle from one end to the other.

Enter the ST8 servo tester by ToolkitRC

I’ve been on the lookout for an AWESOME Servo Tester for a while. I want to drop a servo into my plane, plug in the tester, drive the servo to its center and connect the linkage. It would be nice to be able to do the following:

  • Drive high voltage servos at their operating voltage. The cheapo testers smoke greater than 5V. I want to run mine at 8.4V and the ST8 can handle 28V. Make sure your servos can.
  • You can plug any battery up to 6S that has a xt60 plug on it into the ST8.
  • Check the linkage at the extents of their range. Drive my servos from across their entire rotation.
  • Check current draw. If there is a bind, I want to know.
  • Cycle servos to in cheapo Chinese foamy airplanes several hundred times to see if the servos fail.
  • Check the speed of a servo. How many milliseconds does it take for a servo to cycle.
  • I want to plug in up to 8 different servos and drive their position.

Where can you get the ST8 and how much?

The ST8 can be obtained at Amazon. I purchased mine for $48.88 and got free shipping delivered to my house within 3 days thanks to Amazon Prime.


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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