March 2020 Meeting Minutes

Look out for the Ides of March!

Monthly Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2020

By Ralph Doyle, Secretary

President Ralph Grant:
Meeting called to order at 7:02pm by Ralph Grant.

 15 members attended the meeting that included a renewing member, John Bruno. Welcome him back.

Secretary’s report:
Ralph Doyle, Secretary

Motion made, seconded and voted to accept the February meeting minutes as emailed and published on the Spirits web site. The link is located near the upper right of the web site home page. The secretary received several communications during the month these are:

  1. The club has paid its AMA insurance for the year and received the “CHARTER CLUB CERTIFICATE” for 2020.
  2. Mark Twain Hobby is having a Demo Days” event May 15- May 17, 2020. Three of our members volunteered to man a booth at the event. If a member is interested in participating contact Mike Grau, Ken Koch, or Dan Morrison. Dan informed me that he is taking Sunday and Mike and Ken Saturday.
  3. Sean Ames of Moberly, Mo. Wanted to know if our field was available for Drone racing. The BOD will come up with a presentation to present to the membership regarding use of our facilities for outside activities. The primary reason being to raise funds to operate the club.
  4. The indoor fly-in had an attendance of 16 flyers. Rich Taylor donated $40 to help defray the cost of the event. Thanks Rich!
  5. There was a request from the Kirkwood Family YMCA that holds several adventure and engineer camps in June. They are looking for some members to talk to a group of teens about model airplanes. I assume several models on display would pique their interest. Especially the fantastic foam ones that are available. If you are interested please call: Julia Swan Danner 618-520-7038.
  6. Posted on the web site and on the bulletin board at the field:  Don Busken @ 573-418-4599 or a lot of planes/engines for sale at fantastic prices.

 Treasurer’s Report:
Steve Cross, Treasurer

The treasurer’s report was passed out at the meeting and there were no corrections.

Field Committee Report:
Dave Brown, Field Committee Chairman

There were no reports concerning any problems at the field. There was discussion about adding rock to the parking area as it is getting muddy. Several suggestions were made regarding cost and methods of supplying the rock to complete the project.

Safety Committee Report: no situations reported
Sid Kinzel, Safety Chairman

Membership Chairman’s Report
Ralph Doyle, membership Chairman

I hope that the members who have yet to renew your membership take advantage of our new system and use the on-line membership renewal process where you can renew using a PAY-PAL account. Click on the “Shop” tag, pick the membership you want and, just as any PayPal purchase, go to the cart and check out! It was disappointing not to have any members at the meeting renewing their membership. We are currently at 91 members. At this time last year we had 101 members signed up.

Old Business:
The trip to The Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson scheduled for March 27, 2020 has been cancelled due to the “virus”.  

The secretary will send an invitation to the clubs, provided to me by Paul Geders that may be in the process of losing their flying site reminding them that we are offering a discount membership to any of their club members.

New Business:
 April is going to be the start of the flying season: (we hope)

  1. April 4, tour of Creve Coeur Airport history museum: $10 fee and the tour starts at 10AM
  2. April 14 Club meeting 7pm

        c:     April 25 Spring Clean-up day. The field will be closed until the work is done.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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