Website Update: Finally Secure!!!

As many of you know, getting the website modernized and secure has been a priority of mine since about this time last year. It has been a lot of work and long hours on the phone with India but I’m happy to say that we have accomplished the following in June.

The following is complete on the website.

  • It is fully migrated and is running the latest  PHP 7.4 and WordPress versions.
  • It now has a security certificate.  To browse securely use Replace the old http:// link in your browser history.  For those officers with an email address, the security certificate insures the email is secure as well.
  • The photo gallery is now operational (Visit Image Archive on the main screen menu to check out the pictures from 2001-today.  Also a randomly selected gallery is on the lower right hand side of the website as a widget it randomly opens a year each time you refresh the main page.  These galleries were huge and PHP 5.1 couldn’t handle them.
  • All the plugins are fully functional and secure.
  • We can create new posts again.  I’ll get caught up on meeting minutes over the next few days or so.
  • The email system is up and running on the new system.  The old email has been eliminated.
  • I cleaned up the archives and wiped a bunch of old data and duplicate copies of the old website.

I’m going flying now! I’ll see you at the field!!!

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