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The photo above is Brian Aubuchon’s Paraglider which can often be seen at the field right before sunset.

Monthly Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2020
By Ralph Doyle, Secretary

President Ralph Grant:
Zoom and meeting at the field called to order at 7:05pm.

17 members attended the meeting in person and 4 more logged in via ZOOM.

Secretary’s report:
Ralph Doyle, Secretary

Motion made, seconded and voted to accept the August meeting minutes as posted on the web site.  

Treasurer’s Report:
Steve Cross, Treasurer

There was no report submitted by meeting time.

Field Committee Report:
Dave Brown, Field Committee Chairman

Dave Harrington purchased LED lights to illuminate the flag at night. Ralph Grant helped Dave Brown install bollards around the Gizzie sign so that future damage will be, hopefully, eliminated. The membership decided to postpone any runway repair until the spring. We will submit a request to the AMA for partial reimbursement for the repair cost.

Safety Committee Report:

Sid Kinzel, Field Committee Chairman

Jeff Tesdall figured out what is needed to increase the effectiveness of the first aid kits. The current kits are inadequate to handle injuries that occurred in the past. He will give a demonstration on tourniquet application at a later meeting.

The members are reminded that the field is open and everyone, due to the “virus”, should practice keeping safe distances.

Membership Chairman’s Report

Ralph Doyle, membership Chairman

If a person asks if he can fly and is not a member, be sure to ask to see his AMA card. The PayPal system is available for you to renew your membership. We currently have 115 renewed and new members. By the end of last year we had 114 members.

The membership chairman reminded everyone that, for new members, the dues for September is $10/month plus the $150 for the upcoming year 2021. It was recommended that all the members should go on GOOGLE and type in “Spirits R C club” in the search box. On the right hand side of the page that opens is a section where you can add a review. The more reviews the higher the club appears in the suggested sites. Ralph Grant reports that our site has many, many ‘hits’.

Discussion was held to figure out how to get the membership to place their membership cards on the frequency board.

It is the members’ responsibility to follow the RULES listed in the club by-laws and should not be offended if he is reminded to display his club card. Unfortunately, this rule is being ignored.

Old Business:

Dave Harrington ran the 4-star race held Sept. 26th. Four pilots entered the 4-star event and Ralph Doyle and Paul Geders tied for 1st place. The electric warbird event had 5 entries. But, unfortunately due to mishaps only 2 survived the first heat and the subsequent heats were called off.

New Business:

The long delayed swap meet is still scheduled for October 17, and there is a $5.00/car cover charge. Although not mentioned at the meeting, the September meeting is when members are asked to step forward and support the club by becoming involved with the management of the club. Some of the current officers have held elected positions for several years and it is time for others to step forward and assume some of the responsibility.

Due to the presence of thunderstorms during the meeting, nominations for club officers was not held. Because of this, if you are interested in becoming an officer or wish to nominate someone (ask for his/her permission) send an email to admin@spiritsofstl.com  Make note that any nominations need to be received BEFORE October 5, 2020 so that ballots can be emailed to the members. Filled out ballots have to be submitted to the administration by email or in person by the start of the October meeting.


The weather kicked up and there were no presentations. However, John Campbell took pictures and videos of the previous race and fly-in. Check out the web site below and the video link.

Images at: http://savannahgroup.site.nfoservers.com/SpiritsOfSaintLouis/09082020

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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