November 2020 Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2020
By Ralph Doyle, Secretary

President Ralph Grant:
Zoom and meeting at the church called to order by Ralph Grant at 7:05pm.

14 members attended the meeting in person and 3 more logged in via ZOOM.

Secretary’s report:
Ralph Doyle, Secretary

Motion made, seconded and voted to accept the October meeting minutes as posted on the web site. 

Treasurer’s Report:
Steve Cross, Treasurer

The October report was passed out. Motion made and passed to accept the report.

Field Committee Report:
Dave Brown, Field Committee Chairman

Grass cutting will be ended for the year after the swap meet. Dave Brown donated a lot of wood for the firepit. Thanks go to Rich Taylor, Steve Collins, Mike Grau, Bob Schmidt, and Ralph Doyle for the help. Several tree stumps were placed by the benches to provide additional seating. The pear trees were trimmed. Dave Harrington power washed the pavilion and grill to remove bird droppings.

Safety Committee Report:
Sid Kinzel, Field Committee Chairman

 Unfortunately, another member had an incident with a propeller. Please stay away from the sharp end of the model. The members are reminded that the field is open and everyone, due to the “virus”, should practice keeping safe distances.

Membership Chairman’s Report
Ralph Doyle, membership Chairman

If a person asks if he can fly and is not a member, be sure to ask to see his AMA card. The end of the year is fast approaching and your club membership will end at midnight December 31st. The PayPal system is available for you to renew your membership

It is the members’ responsibility to follow the RULES listed in the club by-laws and should not be offended if he is reminded to display his club card. Unfortunately, this rule is generally being ignored. We have 15 new members, please set an example and place your card on the freq. board.

Old Business:
There was not old business.

New Business:
The fall “Chili cookout” will occur Saturday the 14th (this Saturday), Rain or Shine. John Bruno is providing a St. Louis Food Bank barrel as this occasion is also the club food drive. Be sure to bring something to drink.  So, bring out anything you think a needy person could use or eat. Event starts around 9AM and will end when the chili runs out. The December meeting will be open for discussion concerning upcoming events and club activities. Any input is welcome, so please attend.

John Bruno showed a 5 gal. “gas” can and electric hook-up that he uses to fuel his jets. Steve Adams, a returning member, displayed a Rossi .45 powered Pulse Aire Bipe. It has a fiberglass fuse. Chris Sostman also returned to yesteryear and brought a .25 powered ‘swizzle/ ugly” stick.


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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