Greetings from “The Spirit of St. Louis” from across the pond!

I received the following message from a fellow flyer from Crowthorne, England.

Dear Mr. Grant,

I hope you do not mind me contacting you.

have been looking through the Internet in an effort to find some information as to the model that I own. It is a 1980 model of The Spirit with an 80 inch wingspan. I became its owner in 2012 and have kept it in flying condition. It flew 2 weeks ago. I know the model’s age because I have a log book started by the original owner. I believe it was built and flown originally in Japan, as it has a “Model Club of Japan” sticker on the wing.

I saw your web site and thought that if anyone would know about a model such as this, then it would be you. I certainly can find very little on the Internet. I am a member of a model club in the UK – South East Berks Radio Flying Club. (we have a web site) I enclose some photos taken recently for interest. The aircraft is in fair condition for its age but needs regular maintenance. It is in flying condition but is certainly not an easy aircraft to fly. If you can find any info then I would be very grateful.

Regards, Phil Metcalf – Crowthorne. UK

So if you think you might have some information on the Spirit of St. Louis in the UK, shoot me a note and I’ll forward it along to Mr.

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