The ISDT BatteryGO: An awesome little battery checking device.

The Ultimate Battery Checker!

If your like me, you cannot have enough LIPO battery checkers in your possession. I don’t know what it is about the little buggers but even if I attach them to everything I own, I never seem to have one when it is convenient. Additionally, some of the ones I have are limited to LIPO battery chemistry so checking LIFE or other batteries is sketchy at best.

I was surfing around on Amazon recently on a quest to find the “Ultimate LiPO Checker and what to wondering eyes should appear, an awesome little battery checker with some great capability beyond just checking batteries. For a comprehensive article on everything LiPO, Click Here!

“If you fly electric and you don’t know why anyone would want or need one of these devices you need to check out the LIPO Primer Article on this Website!

Ralph Grant

This little baby has the following features:

  • Its big bright display allows you to easily see it in the brightest sun and the lowest light. And it comes with a free screen protector!
  • Multiple measurement connections: Support XT60/XT60i, 2-8S balance, to measure voltage. Support LiHv, LiPo, Lilon, LiFe, NiMh/Cd battery and measurements.
  • Make battery smarter: Cooperating with BattGO technology, only with XT60i connected and you can get full knowledge on detail parameters on your battery. Easy to read cells voltage, battery cycles, working parameters and fast set to your preferred settings. For those of you who are using the new Spektrum Smart Batteries, their technology is based on the BattGO protocols.
  • Auto balancing cells voltage: The battery tester with balancer function helps to optimize your batteries performance and extend the overall lifespan by ensuring the individual cells are balanced. Advanced auto balancing algorithm, make sure every cell is well balanced. After completion auto into low power mode.
  • Powerful portable charging function: Connecting to your battery, BG-8S can become your power bank for mobile devices. Support Qualcomm QC 2.0/3.0, compatible with BC1.2 and Apple devices. Maximum output 12V/2A. If your cellphone is getting low on juice at the field, just plug its USB into this badboy with a battery connected and charge it up!
  • Receiver signal test and protocol analysis: With standard 3 pin plug, BG-8S can detect BEC output voltage. BG-8S also supports multiple protocol analysis including PWM, PPM&S.BUS and etc. With future firmware upgrades more Protocol analysis will be supported.
  • For those of you inclined to do your charging in another language, it has you covered.

Where can you get yours?

Head on over to Amazon at the following link and purchase one for $29.99! I bought two of them, one for each of my battery storage cases!


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