P-47 Build Update – Wayne Nenninger

Wayne has been pretty busy!

He’s covering the Jug with Monokote and painting the Olive Drab (olive drab monokote is no more) and White (see the rudder pic below).  Its a big project.  Wayne’s son in law printed an R2800 for him and a little paint brings it to life.  The project is ready to be blown apart, final sanded, finishing the covering, and then the painting begins.  The livery will be Ralph Hofer’s “The Missouri Kid”.  (Google it).  Ralph was from Salem, Missouri and joined the RCAF fighting with the Eagle squadron (Spitfires ) early in the war.  After the US pilots were mustered out of the RAF and into the the US Army Air Corps the first airplanes they had were P47’s.  He shot down 15 total and destroyed a bunch on the ground.  He was KIA in 1944 over Northern Europe in his P51B of the similar name, “Missouri Kid”.  The airplane will be basic Olive Drab with a Gray bottom, White nose bowl and white tail stripes with one distinct feature.  The Stars N Bars on the fuse and wing will have Red outlines.  Many don’t know that these were added at the receiving depots in England during the war and were only mandated for three months in 1942 after which they turned blue. 

Check out the images below to see Wayne’s progress.


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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