Official Spirits Merchandise Is Here!

Dave Harrington has been working hard getting a new merchandise website up and running over at LogoSoftWear since our old merchandise provider closed their doors. This new website will allow you to go there and buy items online and have them shipped to your door. They have an amazing selection. Dave has created the “Licensed” gear in Spirits Blue but never fear. You can customize your merch to match your personality! Special thanks to Dave for hooking me up with the Jacket in the picture above! Thanks Dave for all your hard work!

How do I get this amazing merch you ask?

To go there just click on the the LOGOWEAR menu item on the far right of the Spirits of St. Louis R/C Club Website as shown in the graphic below:

Once you have clicked on the menu, you will be whisked away to the Swag/Merch website which looks like the following:

How do I customize this amazing merch you ask?

You can change the shirt type, the color, size, embroidery, and dozens of other parameters by using the merchandise customizer tool by selecting the item by pressing (BUY NOW) on it and then clicking on the customize hyperlink shown below.

I built this amazing SWAG using the customize tool! This shirt has my name, my AMA number, and a little message on the back neck for people to see while I’m on the flightlight “Sending it”.

I’ll be looking DEAD SEXY

Please note that the Spirits doesn’t get anything from the sales of these items. You can get a quantity discount if you order them in bulk. You can even bulk order and get custom names on each shirt. I ordered a shirt and a hat!

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