Frozen Fingers Flying

There are a few Spirits Members that aren’t candy-asses!

Do rain, wind, and cold temperatures get you excited to fly? Are you enticed by the temptation of Chili, Donuts, Coffee and Spirits Member Fellowship? Well apparently the answer to both of those questions is NO for the majority of the club members except for a select brave few. On January 1st, there were a few Spirits members that were not going to let weather keep them from doing what they have done for 40 years. Fly on New Years Day.

The “Not a Candy-Ass” list:

  • Rich Taylor
  • Paul Geders
  • Babe Raab
  • Bob Schmidt
  • Chris Sostman
  • Andy Sostman (Andy says his dad is a Candy-Ass but we aren’t covering that here)

Let the record show that El Presidente’ was a candy-ass and not there either! Next year, I’ll know better and will be there no matter the weather. I underestimated some of the members.

New Years Eve – Saturday was THE day for most but these guys.

In fairness, there was a pretty big turnout on New Years Eve Day but that doesn’t count. That’s flying in 2021, not 2022! Dozens of members found their way to the field and flew when the wind was mild and the temperatures were pushing 70F. However the brave few above managed to turn the Frozen Fingers Fly on the 1st into an event instead of a total flop. Rich Taylor and Paul Geders both chose the reliable E-flite Mini Ultra-Stik’s and Sostman showed up a little later with the .25VFDF Junk Stik. Photo credits to Babe Raab and Andy Sostman. Way to represent the club boyz! Check out the images and video below.

If photographic proof isn’t enough, we also have video.

Sostman tearing up the sky with his .25VFDF Junk Stik with Andy as Videographer and Co-Pilot.

Happy New Year!


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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