Giant Scale F1 Pylon Racing – Coming Soon!!!

How could this happen?

It started with Dave Harrington and I going to the Stihl Championship Air Races last September and watching some of the Formula 1 racers. We were laughing about how we wouldn’t fit in one of the full scales so we might as well set them up as R/C planes. The other day I made the mistake of rolling though Gator-RC and then I saw it. A 70+inch and 26cc+ size Cassutt Racer. Go here to check it out. I remembered having a set of Tom Cassutt’s drawings when I was a kid and always wanted one. My Dad had a ton of drawings of kit planes like the Cassutt, the Pond Racer, the Long EZ and a few other pilot killing designs. Actually the Cassutt is probably the safest version and has been a staple at Reno for decades.

Once I saw the racers were up for pre-order, I immediately texted Dave and within an hour we had blown some money on a couple racers. Dave purchased a Red one and I purchased a Black one. Rumor has it that Dustin Whitrock is getting a blue one as well. So we should have enough to race in the August Pylon Event at Gizzie Field. Hopefully, assuming the ship comes in the month of June.

Rough Specifications / Rules for Spirits Giant Scale F1 Racers:

Here are the rules as Dave and I were able to hash out via text.

  • A 65″ or bigger scale version of a Formula 1 or Golden Age of Racing Airplane. This computes to about 33% or bigger.
  • A gas powerplant up to 38cc. A DLE-35, DA-35, or Great Power GP-38 would be perfect.
  • The stock muffler or a Pitts Style is allowed. No Tuned Pipes or secretly installed ram-jets.
  • Whatever 2 blade propeller your motor can turn without exploding. I think Dave and I are running 20×9 Falcon CF. If you have documentation that your racer ran a 3-blade so be it.
  • The desire to go fast and turn left around the pylons while smiling a huge grin and listening to the roar of propeller noise!

That’s it. Lets not over-complicate this.

Get your Racer now if you want to race with us!


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

2 thoughts on “Giant Scale F1 Pylon Racing – Coming Soon!!!

  1. Mines on the way. Gator RC has 2 black and theee red ones left. Legend has light blue, white, and yellow along with a uncovered version.

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