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Thank you for choosing to be a member of the Spirits of St. Louis R/C Club!  Please take a moment to fill out the information on this application.

NOTE:  Spirits Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st.  If you are joining after August, contact ralph@thegrantz.com and we can work something out for you for this year and next year.

Please note the following instructions:

  1. The fields with a Red Asterisk (*) are required and you cannot continue to pay without completing them!
  2. A NEW Spirits Member is someone who was NOT a member last year.  If you were a member 2 years ago or 30 years ago you are new!
  3. The membership types are as follows:
    • Full / Family Membership (Primary Flyer) – You are a single flyer or the “Head Cheese”, “Flight Leader”, “El-Capitan” of your family’s membership .
    • Youth Member (Under the Age of 19) – You are a single flyer under the age of 19 and NOT a family Member of a Full/Family Member!
    • Dual Membership (Full Member at another AMA Club) – This is a secondary membership for you because you fly at another AMA club.
    • Associate Non-Flying Member – You love model airplanes, come to the meetings, and want voting privileges and free stuff a full member gets like a 10% discount at Mark Twain Hobby!
    • Life Member – You are an AMA Life Member and want to join the Spirits of St. Louis Club forever!
  4. If you select the Dual Membership then please enter your Club Name, An Officer That can verify your membership, and their email address in the space provided.
  5. If you were a full member last year and you are late to the party to re-up your membership and it is after the March Meeting you are “In Arrears” and owe a $25 late fee.
  6. Enter the information in the required fields
  7. Make sure you do an electronic signature to confirm you will follow the Spirits Safety Rules and the AMA Safety Code!
  8. If you have family members, make sure you enter their information too!  If not, skip it.
  9. Remember, you are NOT a member unless your AMA membership is up to date!  Email your membership card to membership@spiritsofstl.com
  10. If you think all this fancy computer gobbledy gook is for NERD’s and you want to go old school, fill this Application out and bring your money to a club meeting or email the president at ralph@thegrantz.com!


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