Runway Repair Days


No one likes to damage an airplane with a crash. Worse yet, is damage caused by runway cracks. It wreaks havoc on small-wheeled craft. So we are taking steps to conduct repairs prior to the cold weather. We will cut out the cracks and fill with concrete. To accomplish this, workers are urgently needed October 6th, 7th & 8th. Based on the recent email responses we have a team of FOUR ! ! ! This is a non-starter so more members need to step up and get involved. We have one of the best flying fields in the area and it takes work to keep it that way.

Many Hands Make Light Work.

Please contact Dave Brown ASAP to let him know you can participate.

Gizzie Field will be closed to flying all weekend while concrete cures.


  • Stephen Adams

    Stephen got into RC in 1996 shortly before he first son was born. He enjoys building and loves WWII scale. He returned to active flying in 2021 after several years out of the hobby and lives by the adage: "as the eyes get older, the planes get bigger".

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During the racing days of Warbirds in St. Louis I had a practice racer that I flew constantly doing laps and making left hand turns. It was a modified Jemco fun scale Mustang that was modified with a sheeted wing and had an OS .40 Rear exhaust engine and a Macs Muffler. It was done in the race colors of Leroy Penhalls #81 Reno racer from 1969-70.

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