September 9th Fun Fly

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Sept 9th at 9:30am there will be a contest conducted at Bob Gizzie Memorial R/C Flying Field. It is a ‘fun fly’ type contest and focused on just that…having fun with radio controlled aircraft. IT IS FREE to all who want to participate. This contest will be open to all AMA members in the area, so it will be an opportunity to promote our club! The nature of the contest is such that no specific plane type should have a great advantage versus another and the contest will be managed in such a way that piloting skills will not be an automatic win either. Let us say, there is as element of chance built in…like a poker card game.

All to say that unless you have a seriously urgent commitment that keeps you from it, you should be at Bob Gizzie field with an airplane ready to fly and enjoy being in the company of many others that enjoy flying for fun. The contest starts promptly at 9:30am and we hope to be done with the contest by 1pm – be there and be ready to play and fellowship!

Contest will be directed by Rich Taylor, Wayne Nenninger and Dan Morrison…for those that know us, that’s your first clue that this is not going to be an ordinary outing…See you there!



  • Stephen Adams

    Stephen got into RC in 1996 shortly before he first son was born. He enjoys building and loves WWII scale. He returned to active flying in 2021 after several years out of the hobby and lives by the adage: "as the eyes get older, the planes get bigger".

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