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LIPO Primer: Flightlines Article Reprint

During recent conversations at the field regarding “Puffed LIPO’s”, passionate e-mails from our members regarding dangerous LIPO destruction practices, derelict LIPO batteries being left at the field, high energy crashes leaving LIPO batteries significantly damaged, people making the puncture of batteries with a screwdriver a religious experience, and the impending warbird races where batteries will be pushed to the limits of design, I thought it might make sense to do a reprint of the LIPO Primer article that I wrote in the December of 2016.

We have been finding a LOT of garbage laying around the field. Not all of it is as dangerous as a damaged LIPO but please try to leave the field better than you left it. Pick up some trash, put a few chairs away, close the cover on your electrical outlet, and close the gate on your way out if you are the last one at the field.

Ralph Grant – El Presidente

Have a read, implement some of these opportunities in your LIPO workflow, and give me a yell at the field to discuss.

2 thoughts on “LIPO Primer: Flightlines Article Reprint

  1. I think Lipo batteries caused fires on Boeing’s 787.
    Now they are thinking Lipos caused the Dive Boat to catch fire killing 32 people.
    Best be extra careful.

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