Fall Fly-In and Food Drive

A HUGE Success!

The FALL FUN-FLY & FOOD DRIVE on Saturday, October 19th was a big success.  We had at least 25-30 pilots flying throughout the day and only one non-repairable crash.  Dave Harrington saved the day by bringing Hot Dogs, Chips and Chile, so no one went hungry.  Festivities ended around 2:30pm and I packed up everything by 3:30pm.  It was a good day!

We collected four boxes of canned goods and associated food stuff in addition to $56 in cash and a few members mailing checks in.

All the proceeds will be donated to Saint Joachim and Ann Catholic church. Check out their website www.jacares.org.  They do much more besides a food bank to help people in the St. Charles area.  I also know they do very good charity work because my next door neighbor (of 25 years) is their Executive Director and Deacon at the Parish.

See you at the Field!
Greg Bowles, Treasurer

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