Wayne’s Taylorcraft Cover Project

Waynes must have run out of balsa kits because he’s looking around the shop for things to do. Next Victim, the Ace 1/4 scale clipped wing Taylorcraft.  Basic framing was done by Paul Habel in the 90’s.  He pulled it off the ceiling where it had been hanging since 1993 and started to get it ready to cover.   Two weeks and many hours later its covered and assembled and  the servos and linkages installed.   Quadra 35 or 40 powered apparently makes it really nose heavy.  All thats left is some better Cream paint on the cowl and wheel pants.  Lowes made up some latex to try so we’ll see how that does.  Special Note – Cream Monokote is unobtainable. Wayne has about 20″ left from what he had in stock.   

Lets hope to see that baby at the field!


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

2 thoughts on “Wayne’s Taylorcraft Cover Project

  1. I have an unfinished Taylorcraft from an estate sale. I’m not sure of the manufacturer, but hoping to complete it in 2022.

    You do magnificent work Wayne.

  2. This one was unfinished too! Framed from an ACE R/C kit in the early 1990’s. It humg from my basement ceiling for near 25 years before finishing started. There is always time to get it down and start. Wayne

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