Is your Flying Field underwater? Fly with us!

This has got to be one of the wettest flying seasons on record. I think the flood of 1993 had more sunshine. Spirits of St. Louis Flying Club’s “Gizzie Field” has been pretty fortunate that we are in a location protected by levee’s and that our landlord “The Ostmann’s” invested a large sum of money raising the low spots in several places on them last fall.

If you are a member of the less fortunate, bring a current AMA membership card and your plane to our field and fly with us. We are waiving membership dues for our fellow flyers as long as their fields are under water.

What do you need to do?

To fly at Gizzie field you have to be an AMA member. Just follow this procedure for an amazing time at our field.

  • Check out the safety rules for Spirits Members online before you drive over.
  • Bring your AMA card and a fleet of airplanes to Gizzie Field.
  • If there is no-one at the field, consider flying with a friend for safety.
  • The gate may appear to be locked but it is not. It is a farmers lock. Just unwrap the chain and you can get in. No Key Required.
  • Notify a Spirits member that you are a guest and flying because your club is under water.
  • Fly safely between the hours of 9am and dusk, following the Spirits and AMA Rules.
  • Leave the field nicer than you found it. Pick up all trash etc.
  • Close the gate when you leave and “Lock” it. Wink, Wink.

If you enjoy your experience at Gizzie Field, consider a membership in 2020!

Ralph Grant – El Presidente

Until the next Sortie!
Ralph Grant


  • Been flying R/C since 1993. Building balsa airplanes since I was a kid. I love warbirds, aerobats, and just about anything that will fly.

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