Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Field

Robert W. Gizzie Memorial R/C Flying Field

The Spirits of St. Louis Field was dedicated to one of the Patriarch’s of the club “Bob Gizzie” by a dozen or so family and friends to honor a man that was as much a fixture of the facilities as the pavilion or the runway. Bob taught a great number of us to fly and never met a spectator that he couldn’t coerce into trying this great hobby.

The Location:

Gizzie field is located at approximately 111 Amrein Rd, St Charles, MO 63304. It is located just South of Greens Bottom Road on Amrein Road. We are pleased to be tenants of the Ostmann family and are situated on approximately 12 acres of their farmland with additional flyover of another 5-10 acres.

Spirits Field approaching from the west during an amazing sky!

The Amenities:

Gizzie Field is a premier flying site in St. Charles county. We are a private club that is always open to spectators and guests as long as a member is present. The site enjoy’s the following features:

  • A 600ft x 45ft paved runway. Suitable for all types of aircraft
  • Control Line and Helicopter Hovering Areas
  • A pilots / pit area shaded with numerous Bradford Pear trees
  • A 50ft x 270ft parking area with close access to the pits
  • Pilot stations with a safety fence to accommodate 6 flyers at a time
  • Frequency Board for Analog Flyers
  • Picnic Pavilion with Lighting, Charging outlets, and Ceiling Fan’s.
  • A Charcoal BBQ grill, and Wood Fire Pit.
  • 120VAC Electricity with power in the Pavilion and 6 charging tables in the pits.
  • Porta-Potty bathroom facilities with hand-wash station
  • Flight Safety Line Markers, Wind Sock, and American Flag
  • Fire Extinguishers and First Aid kit (Safety First)

Out of Town Guests:

The Spirits have a long standing history of accommodating our friends from out of town. Feel free to visit our amazing facilities while visiting family or while here on business. If you would like to fly at Gizzie Field here is all you have to do:

  1. Email a member of the Board of Directors to let them know you are coming with your Full Name, AMA number, and estimated date you will fly.
  2. Read and follow the Safety Rules
  3. Notify any members at the field that you are a guest when you arrive
  4. Place your AMA card on the frequency board.
  5. Close the gate when you leave!
  6. Unfortunately Overnight Camping is not allowed.

Enjoy the Field!