Subtractive Manufacturing: Nomad 3 CNC

You’ve seen a number of my posts on how Autocad Fusion 360 coupled with the Prusa 3D priner has changed my modeling forever. While Additive Manufacturing with a filament 3D printer is an awesome tool, there are still some needs that require the ability to manufacture parts out of aluminum. It seems that on almost every project there have been numerous parts I have purchased from websites like Small Parts CNC, White Rose Engineering, and Extreme Flight as well as dozens of others, sometimes you just want to make your own custom solution!

I’ll be reading articles, books, and watching as many videos that I can get my hands on as well as conversing with my Tool and Die Maker Old Man in Kansas City for the next 45 days waiting on this little gem to show up so I can begin my desktop CNC journey. Who knows, maybe I have a big Tormach or Haas CNC in my future!

See you at the field when Winter is Over!



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