Club Events

Thanks to our club members stepping up the Spirits will be hosting two new events. First, a Float Fly Tuesday July 11th at Steve Pokorny’s place. The event will start in the afternoon (2p) and conclude with the regular club meeting (sitting around, or in, Steve’s new pool).

DeHaviland Single Otter

Also, plans are in the works for a traditional Fun Fly on Saturday September 9th at Bob Gizzie Field. We have been told there will be five, yes, five, events in which all flyers can participate. No prizes. Just the pride of smacking down Grant.

Keep an eye on the website calendar and expect more details as we close in on these dates.


  • Stephen Adams

    Stephen got into RC in 1996 before he first son was born. He enjoys building and loves WWII scale. He returned to active flying in 2021 after several years out of the hobby.

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