“Indoor Fun Fly II” March 8th 5:30p-9p (a Friday night)


Our Second Winter Indoor Fun Fly will be another stand alone event (no regular meeting). As in January, this will be just 4 hours of flying fun in the large gym at Francis Howell’s Saeger Middle School in Cottleville, MO. More details below…

The Indoor Fun Fly II will once again be in the Large Gym and Francis Howell Saeger Middle School. The video below provides good detail of where to be. We have the facility from 5:30pm until 9pm.

Click on image above for video with directions and details.

We’ve had generally open flying in the past, with an occasional UMX Vapor pylon race breaking out…(and that meeting we’ve eliminated). Feel free to champion any events that you think could enhance our time in this large space. We ask that you be conscientious of any craft that have props/blades that could threaten a hazard. We are all in close proximity and a 5″ racing drone or 700 heli would make many nervous. Similarly, feel free to set up in the hallway outside the gym if you are intolerant of being buzzed by an occasionally wayward piloted craft…it happens sometimes, just don’t get upset by it.

The craft that seem to do best are relatively small slow flying planes, small drones and smaller helicopters. Below is a video compilation of some of last year’s happenings. You can use it to get a feel for how much space is available and the types of craft that tend to be more successful.

Scenes from the Jan 10, 2023 Indoor Fun Fly

This event is ‘free’, however, it has cost the club about $125 so we are taking donations at the event to offset. Also, as is customary, we’ll gather at a nearby local establishment to swap tales and quinch thirsts immediately after the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

For further details, this event’s sponsor is Dan Morrison, danomorrison@gmail.com or 314-308-5743

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