Increasing Participation in our Racing Events!

Four Star 40

Over the years we have looked at ways to increase participation in our pylon racing events.  

Paul Geders will be the Contest Director (CD) for the July pylon races and will incorporate the following system in all classes.

A handicap/advantage system for newcomers/beginners.

Where an individual that has never raced, or never won a heat race, starts with a 2-lap head start. 

In other words, in their first race they only fly 8 laps while the more experienced flyers fly the full 10 laps.  If a newcomer/beginner wins a heat by only flying 8 laps, in the next heat they get a 1 lap handicap and fly 9 laps in the next heat race. They keep flying the handicap they have acquired until they win a 8 or 9 lap heat race.  Once they win a 9-lap heat race, they obviously no longer get a handicap.   Keeping track of handicaps will be “on-their-honor” system. 

Every day you fly your airplanes basically in a race-course pattern.  You may throw in some loops or rolls, etc., but essentially you are flying a race-course pattern.  Racing consists of flying the race course by going past the pylons, not around them.  

We have simple rules developed over the years that are specific to each class below.

Four-Star-40 AND Uproar ARF Racing Rules

Uproar Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)’s are available at Tower Hobbies. You can order through Mark Twain Hobby and get 10% off!

All Four-Star-40/Uproar rules, Stock Warbirds rules, and a helpful article, that has some information applicable to all racing.

Stock and Unlimited WARBIRDS…is just that…fly any size stock electric, or unlimited warbird, and go as fast as you can for 7 laps.  Handicap system also applies.  2 or 1 lap head start for beginner/newcomer.

Will provide Winner Certificates in all classes.

Remember, most of the fun is in the camaraderie, that is the real fun! This club has always been a racing club…and young and old have enjoyed it for almost 60 years…come on and join in!  You have plenty of time to get ready…go for it!


  • Stephen Adams

    Stephen got into RC in 1996 shortly before he first son was born. He enjoys building and loves WWII scale. He returned to active flying in 2021 after several years out of the hobby and lives by the adage: "as the eyes get older, the planes get bigger".

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