Racing Stock Warbirds – Updated Rules

FMS P-51

Please review the Updated Rules for Stock Electric Warbirds. The next racing event takes place on June 17th and is open to anyone with valid AMA. No trophies…just the satisfaction of winning and bragging rights. Plus, there is always a great lunch as part of the plan.

The rules are pretty simple…when you open the box and put what’s in the box together…that is STOCK!  Use the manufacturer recommended size battery…i.e. whatever cell size (i.e. 3, 4, or 5, cells).  And use the prop that came in the box…they are readily available at the hobby shop and on-line. Below are some known models and their data. 

Motion RC Warbirds (Pick One) 

FMS P-51 Mustang V2   Four variations available.   14.8V, 10.5 X 8, 4-blade prop

FMS Kawasaki KI-61 “Tony” No longer in stock.  14/8V, 10.5 X 7, 3-blade prop

Durafly T-28 “Trojan” 1100 mm/43”. 14.8V, 10 X 6, 3-blade prop 

Durafly Bf.109E-4    14.8V, 11.5 X 8, 3-blade prop

Durafly â€œMK2A Spitfire”    14.8V, 11.25 X 7, 3-blade prop

Arrows P-51 V2 â€œDetroit Miss”    11.1V, 10 X 7, 4-blade prop

ROC Hobby “2G Super Corsair” Discontinued    14.8V, 10.5 X 8, 4-blade pro

ROC Hobby P-39 “Cobra II”   14.8V, 10.5 X 8, 4-blade prop

ROC Hobby P-51 “Strega”    14.8V, 10.5 X 8, 4-blade prop 

FlightLine P-38 “Lightning” 1600/63”    12×7 3 Blade Propeller / 12×8 2 Blade Propeller High


  • If your model is not listed please bring the Instruction Manual for your model to validate battery and prop. 
  •  If challenged by a fellow flyer, be prepared to provide details such as the manual, the box, or online information.


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