Spirits Work Party 16 March


1. Install fan blades and check light operation  2. Lubricate all electrical outlet cover plates with WD-40 and ensure GFI outlets work correctly 3. Open all drains around pavilion to ensure proper drainage this helps keep the river silt from making a mess on the asphalt 4.Fill mole holes and divots with dirt from the large hill  down the road. 5. Pressure wash the pavilion floor and tables to remove bird poop 6. Check the pylon poles and flags to ready for upcoming races. 7. Install battery back into Kubota grease all fittings, remove the grading blade and set aside in barn, install the brush hog and grease. 8. Ensure that drain is clear that runs underneath the taxi way. 9. If the dandelions start to show up I will talk to Dan Hackman and see if he will give us enough to treat the field like last year but hopefully we can get to them before the seeds start to fly…

Equipment needed for the work party.

  • long straight slot and Phillips head screwdrivers to install fan blades I’ll bring a can of WD-40 to the field.
  • shovels, hoes, rakes to level the soil
  • Pressure washer, well water pump will be provided by me

I will be bringing my 5 wheeler to carry the dirt from the mound to the field and the Polaris to pull the roller to flatten the mole mounds, I will also be adding a weight to the drag that I built to help spread out the mess that the moles make.

On Wednesday 2-21 2024 I will be splitting up the wood that I brought down for our fireplace so if you are bored and could use a little exercise any help will be greatly appreciated by me sorry for the short notice

Dave Brown

Your Field Committee Chairman AGAIN


  • Stephen Adams

    Stephen got into RC in 1996 shortly before he first son was born. He enjoys building and loves WWII scale. He returned to active flying in 2021 after several years out of the hobby and lives by the adage: "as the eyes get older, the planes get bigger".

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