Air Racing Saturday 23 Sept

Bring your planes, your skill, and your nerves…and get ready to rumble. We will be running Four-Star 40, Uproar, and Stock and Unlimited Electric Warbird

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September Meeting Minutes

Fun Fly was a roaring success! Thanks to all. Online voting for Club Officers is now open. Field closed on 17Sept. Work days 07-08Oct. We need a Field Chairman volunteer for next year.

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Runway Repair Days

No one likes to damage an airplane with a crash. Worse yet, is damage caused by runway cracks. It wreaks havoc on small-wheeled craft. So

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Gyro? No Gyro?

Is a Gyro cheating? Or is it a helpful tool to our flying experience? There are more opinions than options. What’s yours?

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September 9th Fun Fly

Sept 9th at 9:30am there will be a contest conducted at Bob Gizzie Memorial R/C Flying Field. It is a ‘fun fly’ type contest and

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April Meeting Minutes

The annual review of the safety rules took place during this month’s meeting. They are included here for your review. Please heed the rules for

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