Runway Repair Days

No one likes to damage an airplane with a crash. Worse yet, is damage caused by runway cracks. It wreaks havoc on small-wheeled craft. So

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Club Events

New Club Events

Thanks to our club members stepping up the Spirits will be hosting two new events. First, a Float Fly Tuesday July 11th at Steve Pokorny’s

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Well, Well, Well…

The Dave’s (Brown and Harrington) and a few others (Tesson and Whitrock) were kind enough to pound a Sandpoint and install a well hand pump

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Trailer Part 3

Hope everyone is staying inside, safe and warm today. In this installment I intend to answer a few questions raised at club meetings and point

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Frozen Fingers Flying

There are a few Spirits Members that aren’t candy-asses! Do rain, wind, and cold temperatures get you excited to fly? Are you enticed by the

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National Model Aviation Day

Aug 14th 2021 was recognized as Model Aviation Day. The Spirits had a wonderful turnout of 40+/- flyers and spectators. The weather was awesome. CHECK

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