In the Shop with Wayne Pt 2

I’m replacing the abs exhaust stacks with printed ones. Trying to get the placement correct. Still looks low. The cowl fits the backplate and the

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In the Shop with Wayne

During the racing days of Warbirds in St. Louis I had a practice racer that I flew constantly doing laps and making left hand turns. It was a modified Jemco fun scale Mustang that was modified with a sheeted wing and had an OS .40 Rear exhaust engine and a Macs Muffler. It was done in the race colors of Leroy Penhalls #81 Reno racer from 1969-70.

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The Gee Bee Model Y

Maiden Flight at the field after over 30 years. Some Old School RC flyin’ from Jim Grants Fleet. Dad scratch built this Gee Bee from

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The Last Tru-Turn!

I needed a bad ass spinner for my Cassult Formula One Racer so the only place to go was of course, Tru-Turn. To my horror,

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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Check out the highlights from the meeting below. Bring an airplane and show up early to the next meeting. Bring bugspray and a cold beverage

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Trailer Part 3

Hope everyone is staying inside, safe and warm today. In this installment I intend to answer a few questions raised at club meetings and point

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